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I’m Jennifer Ternay – a coach, consultant and speaker who works primarily with professionals, consultants and other entrepreneurs in service industries. My mission is to help you manage growth and be profitable without burning out - the pursuit of Wealth & Wellness so that you can deliver on your mission and purpose. 

Before creating my business, I was the CEO of a statewide health plan. After starting my career in a Big Four public accounting firm, I discovered my love for designing and creating new businesses and working through major change initiatives.


While I share insights through on social media primarily through LinkedIn, the best information comes through email. You can sign up for my email list here.  Reach out and also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram. 

Early in my career, I climbed the corporate ladder. When an opportunity presented itself, I stepped up and said yes, ultimately working my way up to Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. My life was chaotic, the hours were long, and I didn’t care. My future looked bright. Challenges fueled and energized my days.

Then in what felt like a blink of an eye:  

  • I lost my job and had to lay-off over 70 people.  

  • I packed up my children, moving to a new state after my personal life crumpled and ended up in divorce

  • I started over as a single mom raising two children while juggling a new career as an entrepreneur.   


Life as an entrepreneur – something I never imagined doing. 

See, I grew up in a family business. My dad owned the local convenience store. Starting at young age, I stocked shelves. And, I felt incredibly special when the Dietz & Watson delivery guy handed me a hot dog from his truck. Yes, I ate it cold, straight out of the box. I was kid – what did I know?  

As a teen, my work moved to waiting on customers, placing supply orders and organizing bank deposits. Maybe that early start led to being good with numbers, graduating summa cum laude as an accounting major and becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 


But I also remember feeling the stress and strain of a family business – concerns about money, juggling the financial ups and downs and dealing with business issues. 

I swore being in business for myself wasn't for me.

Moving after my divorce meant taking a huge pay cut for a local job or commuting over three hours every day. What kind of choices were they? Dealing with a downsized living space, children transitioning to a new school and the reality of being a single mom was hard enough. 

So I jumped into self-employment, being my own boss.

Clients hired me to take program concepts from paper to reality, analyze their performance and implement changes to be more efficient, grow revenue and impact their bottom line.


From an outside perspective, my life defined entrepreneurial success – nice car, vacations, living in a beach town and flexibility to attend school events and sports. Heck, I was even an officer in PTA. But I was hiding a secret – the money was great, but I was miserable and stressed, tapped out from trying to juggle it all. I'd never felt more alone.


Then a soul-crushing wake-up call affected me so profoundly that I knew things couldn't continue as they were. I invested in my own personal growth and changed direction.


No more thinking that if I just worked harder and longer everything would be solved.  I finally took the advice I'd been giving to my consulting clients about running a business. My life was no longer about doing whatever work paid the bills, being a stress-case that felt like a massive failure as a mom and having no life for myself.

You can't enjoy the lifestyle without the money, and you can't enjoy the money without the time. It's about: 

  • thinking and acting like a CEO

  • spending time on, not just in, the business 

  • avoiding costly mistakes or being bitten by what you don’t know

  • skipping the “spinning wheels” stage

  • having repeatable processes that work

Now, I have the time to enjoy the ocean and beach, be present with my family and friends and maintain my health and wellness - all while reaching my financial goals.


Looking back on my life, I realize that if I’d had someone that I really understood what I was dealing with related to my career, business and personal life, I would have saved time and reduced stress. This is why I shifted to working with professionals and entrepreneurs to create successful careers, businesses and the life they want.  

My mission is to boost your knowledge and confidence about your career and how to start or grow a business, without wasting time and being bogged down with stress.  My approach involves being:

  • coach to gain insight about your barriers,

  • consultant in giving recommendations,

  • teacher in providing education and tools, and

  • moral support to encourage you along the way.



As someone who has been tried by fire and not only survived but excelled, my offer is to guide and support your journey.

  • Are you ready to build and grow your business?

  • Do you want to avoid mistakes that cost you time?

  • Are you ready to eliminate the stress and uncertainty?

  • Are you ready to remove the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward? 


There's no fee or charges for an initial consultation and discovery session. Let's set up some time to talk and see if working together makes sense.

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