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I'm Jennifer Ternay. I'm an executive and business coach, speaker and strategic advisor. I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses. My mission is to help you succeed in breaking down barriers and overcoming challenges in your career, business and life so that you can realize the freedom, flexibility and financial rewards of owning your business.

High-achieving entrepreneurs experience some of these: 

  • Feeling sometimes like you've gotten off track - that your career or life was moving along on an upward climb but now you've hit a plateau.


  • People around you say you've a good job, home and family but you still feel like something is missing. That your identity as person – not spouse, partner, parent or another role but you as person seems to be lost.

  • You’re considering a transition to working for yourself or want a career change but aren't sure about the next steps. Or maybe you're asking if you are really ready and have loads of reasons why now isn’t a good time.

  • “Me-time” is some alternate fantasy – there is never enough time to do what has to get done much less have time for yourself.


  • When you’re involved in your business, you think you should spend more time with your family and friends. When you’re spending time with your family and friends, you think about the work that needs to get done. The end result is feeling overwhelmed and guilty.  

  • Your dream is to be an entrepreneur but your business isn't going as you thought it would - the money, freedom,  and flexibility haven’t shown up.


If this sounds like your thoughts, I know what you're experiencing because I've lived through it.

Let’s talk about your current challenges and concerns in a complimentary discovery session.

Business Breakthrough Program for Entrepreneurs

Have you thought about being in business for yourself? This program is for you if want to be an entrepreneur and you’ve felt like any of these:

  • don’t know how to start

  • overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done

  • started but stuck and don’t what to do next

  • stuck in the loop of selling-doing-no work-selling

  • dislike numbers or don’t understand finances


This program tackles the real issues every entrepreneur faces and lets you avoid the serious pitfalls that cause entrepreneurs to fail. This coaching program is designed to launch and expand your expertise-based business. At the end, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge needed to have a successful business – your own blueprint for starting and continuing the business you’ve dreamed about. Plus, you’ll get a handle on your finances and overcome the idea that you can’t understand the “numbers.”


Don’t waste your time – get ready for real results.  


You’ll get access to the Business Breakthrough program, coaching, tools and more. Interested in learning more? Click the link below.

Individual Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur can be exhausting with long hours and even worse is the doubt and anxiety. Often your family and friends don’t understand what you’re feeling and can’t provide answers or help.


Individual coaching takes you beyond the Business Breakthrough Program to strengthen your entrepreneurial mindset and skills. In your sessions, we discuss what you want to address, your concerns are the sole focus. Through our partnership, we work together to address your specific concerns and needs, working to create a meaningful and authentic life as you define it.   


Services are packaged to include regular coaching calls for accountability and achieve your goals and dreams. Through your customized coaching, you’ll gain clarity, tools and strategies based on what you want to achieve.


If you’re ready to become who you were meant to be – letting your personal best shine through or maybe you want to learn more about how we might work together to realize this, click here to schedule a complimentary discovery session. We'll talk about your business, what you're trying to achieve and how we might work together.

Individual Coaching for Small Business

Your business has grown to the point where you have a team but the business has hit some stumbling blocks. When a business is growing, getting the right team inn place makes a difference. The people you hire need to take ownership and be able to execute on the vision of your business.


Incorporating leadership and team development into your growth strategy can launch your business to greater growth.  If you'd like to explore, how to strengthen individual and/or team performance, let's discuss your situation.

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